The Integre Homes Difference

Who will build your new dream home?

You’re in the market for a custom home…as a discerning home buyer, finding the right builder is the foundation of success.  The builder is responsible for integrating the entire build process. Some of the larger builders lack personal accountability….some of the small ones lack expertise. How do you decide which builder is right for you?

Welcome to Integre Homes by Jody Snider.  And what differentiates Integre Homes? The answer can be found in the core values of its founder, Jody Snider.  Jody is inspired by the sense of self-esteem that comes from helping people identify their needs and craft a home that’s as unique as they are.  It starts with being a good listener. The key to a successful home build experience is listening to the client and providing smart solutions.

Listening Is The Key To A Great Home Building Experience.

With nearly three decades of build expertise, Jody Snider has earned an impeccable reputation for building homes in Porter County and on Lake Michigan.  Why? Because he’s a good listener…that’s right. Jody is soft spoken and a good listener! Jody Snider attributes his success to listening to what his clients want. Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, many builders find greater profits by using pre-existing concepts. Any changes by the homeowner will create new challenges. These challenges are not welcomed. Building a home should be about you.

Jody Snider believes the key to creating a remarkable home build experience is listening.    “Listening is how we get there.”

“By ignoring preconceived methods, we can open our minds to innovative solutions and options for the customer. We are able to create designs and homes that are fresh, stylish…and standout in a world of cookie cutter homes. Listening is how we get there.”

– Jody Snider

Planning Home Designs And Amenities.

Focus Groups, Ladies night, surveys and other mediums are used to identify what families are looking for in a home.  We ask people what designs, layouts, technologies, conveniences and other amenities they wish they had in their homes. Although we gain valuable insights through listening to focus groups and hosting ladies nights, the key to creating a satisfied customer is in the next step…

Questions Before Building A New Home.

Although Integre Homes by Jody Snider gains powerful insights through listening to local focus groups, the foundation to creating the dream home is taking time to get to know the client.  Through carefully listening to the client, we can help identify the best solutions, products, materials and designs to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants. Often, the customer isn’t aware of options available. We also try to find the best solutions that fit within the customer’s budget.

Integrating the entire process before breaking ground can eliminate future problems.  Poor planning or “having too many Chefs in the kitchen” can cause delays, unexpected costs and other variables that can cause stress to the homeowner.  With expertise and accountability, Integre Homes can integrate the entire process seamlessly.

And though Integre Homes by Jody Snider is proficient in the build process, we understand building a home can become daunting at times.  It is very important that we maintain communications throughout the build process. Often, even the best builders seem to drop the ball here.

People want to be informed and have someone listen to their opinions and concerns.  Sometimes, people just need someone that is a good listener.

What differentiates Integre Homes by Jody Snider?… It starts with listening!