Home Designs For Today’s Socially Active Homeowner

Designs and features for today’s young, socially active and tech savvy homeowner.  Many young professionals are choosing not to have children and are looking for designs and options customized to their active lifestyle.  With modern conveniences, technologies and designs built around their unique needs and wants…this innovative concept was inspired by focus groups.

Although the Modern Social offers a nice starting point, Integre Homes by Jody Snider will work with you to be certain the home reflects your unique individuality. This is where strong listening skills become paramount to building the home of your dreams. You’ve worked smart to get where you’re at.  This innovative premise is your reward. Now, let’s get this party started. Cheers!

Comfort and conveniences for what modern 20 and 30 somethings want in their dream home…

here are a few examples of what this group discussed during our focus study.

Architecture / Design 

You work hard and play just as hard. Your diggs should reflect this active lifestyle. Friends will love gathering at your home with its contemporary and fresh approach to modern living. Fresh architectural designs, amenities and options customized for today’s young professionals. Kitchens designed around the needs of active social life, outdoor spaces for parties and amenities custom fit to this new generation’s unique desires.

Technology / Home Control

Today’s 20 and 30 something’s are tech savvy. Our focus groups have identified that this new generation of homeowners are looking at a home’s ability to facilitate current and future technology, including: home entertainment, security, climate control and other modern conveniences. By integrating harness wiring, and amenities into the construction, the homeowner’s appliances, technology, and other conveniences work together with seamless integration.