Home Designs For Today’s Modern Family

Although Integre Homes by Jody Snider attempts to build without pre-conceived methods, the ability to offer greater value to the customer can often be found through economies of scale.  To create fresh and modern designs and options with an eye on value, Integre Homes utilizes local focus groups to help identify the designs, amenities and options local families need and want. Once identified, this information is used to create designs, plans, amenities and value packages specific to key segments.

Although this innovative approach offers a nice starting point, as a builder with “custom” in its DNA, we work with you to be certain the home reflects your unique individuality. This is where strong listening skills become paramount to building the home of your dreams.

Walk-in Pantries

Comfort and conveniences for what modern families want today…here are a few examples.

Walk-in pantries- with smart solutions to your kitchen storage, this popular design was influenced and inspired by our focus groups. A growing family comes with a growing shopping list….and this room uses space efficiently. It’s a great way to save space in the kitchen and have your groceries and appliances out of sight.

Spacious Laundry Room

With organization options- with ample space, laundry times can be faster and easier with this Integre Home favorite. This highly functional room provides enough space for washing, drying, folding…and other family tasks.

Mudroom with storage solutions

Located just off the garage near the home’s most used entry, this design is a mom favorite for the home’s most used entry. Space and organization solution to stow bags, shoes, coats- this is designed for when your family arrives home. We’ve all been there, coming home to shoes and coats everywhere….how do you keep track? It’s the last thing you want to see when you come home. Space maximizing entry for today’s active family.